Washington Has Fallen – Minecraft Preview – Beta Test Session #4

Today the Beta X-Team took on two new missions. It’s beta testing so we of course had some areas that broke. Not to forget the new Minecraft Update from 1.16.40 to 1.16.100 that occurred on our Realms Server. Lots of fun, but of course anytime something breaks, it pauses the action and we have to do a quick by-pass to jump to the next part of the game. That happened at least three times this session.

This is our first multiplayer beta test playthrough with a team of five testers. Our original beta test in solo-mode didn’t have any issues in its last beta test play through, but multiplayer beta testing has introduced new bugs. One of the key bugs occurs when an area of the build gets overwhelmed with game characters and the players. All kinds of unexpected things happen, sometimes really funny things, sometimes a bit frustrating.

Though we can’t show certain aspects of the game without revealing to much about it, here is our second short preview of the game during todays beta session #4.

SkyThrusters Beta Test Session #4 – Washington Has Fallen – Minecraft Adventure for Bedrock and PE.