Abandoned House Trap – Minecraft Bedrock Weekend Projects

Minecraft Trap House Weekend Project

This weekends project: Abandoned House Trap.
(Full Tutorials on YouTube)

Oh look! There’s a chest!

Open the chest, and suddenly you’re locked in to face the invisible guard. But don’t worry, at least in this example, you’ll survive if you jump on top of the chest.

This Minecraft Weekend Project utilizes these commands:

  • Clone chest from a different location
  • Set block door
  • Set Block trapdoor
  • Set the direction and rotation of a door or trapdoor.
  • Door and Trapdoor rotation and direction numbers.
  • Set Block Redstone_block
  • Set Block Air
  • Summon Mobs
  • Give effect invisibility to Mobs
  • Give we weapons to Mobs
  • Kill Mobs