Nightmare Dome Mob vs Mob

The Nightmare Dome Project is a series of Minecraft YouTube videos focused on mob verse mob battle within the Nightmare Dome. With SkyThrusters as the event ring master, a switch is thrown and a group of same genre mobs come into center ring from opposite sides to battle a group of different same genre mobs, or sometimes to just stare at each other and walk around aimlessly. All Dome rounds finish with the winning mobs facing off with the Nightmare Dome Mob Boss. A single boss mob who is really good at what it does, cleaning out the rift-raft weaker mobs. Currently videos are released infrequently on YouTube by the SellerThink Channel and/or SkyThrusters Channel.

MINECRAFT OCELOT VS CHICKEN – Nightmare Dome – [ep 1]

MINECRAFT CAT VS CHICKEN – Nightmare Dome – [ep 2]