Fantasy Realm Project

The Fantasy Realm Project was started and maintained by Daniel Turner, using a free Minecraft Bedrock World. I was invited to build and develop on the realm which consists of different themes.

* Atlantis – Atlantis is a theme area of the Fantasy Realm where players can free build. Located deep underneath the ocean, it expands an extremely large under water area to build in. – IN DEVELOPMENT

Atlantis is a theme area of the Fantasy Realm where players can free build. Located deep underneath the ocean
Photo of a Minecraft Project in Development called Atlantis
Unfinished Atlantis Theme in Fantasy Realm, right before the Repeating Snow Golem incident.
Unfinished Atlantis Theme in Fantasy Realm

The Atlantis Project in Daniel Turner’s Fantasy Realm is currently suspended until further notice due to the repeating mob incident. (Until and if the project gets picked up, I’ve started a new SkyThrusters Development Project to utilize the time I was putting into the Atlantis Project, called the Sand Battle Dome. You can find out more about it, HERE.) Atlantis was approximately 45% done when the incident occurred. Its a massive area under the sea. If Atlantis ends up being dead going forward, I may develop it into a similar project for SkyThrusters Developments to release publicly for free. Since I was developing it from scratch and have video capture of working on it and building it, I know exactly what would need to be done. It would be a long project to pick up on from scratch again and not my first choice, since I already have a few weeks build time invested in the current Atlantis.

April 27, 2021 Atlantis Update

After three weeks of trying to get free of the over populating repeating command block within Atlantis, I was finally able to actually do it. None of my previous attempts had worked. What actually worked, was making SkyThrusters rise to the glass ceiling under the ocean. The ceiling within Atlantis is approximately 25 to 30 blocks high, so despite the entire ground level of Atlantis being completely full wall to wall of Snow Golems, rising to the ceiling, pulled me out of enough of the lag that after around five or six attempts, I was able to break enough of the glass ceiling blocks to get through.

The ceiling blocks are two thick, but I was mostly blind due to the lag, so it required multiple times of randomly attacking to get an opening. I was so lagged, I couldn’t even tell which direction I was trying to attack.

Once I got through the ceiling, I made SkyThrusters go up to the top of the ocean. Lag slightly reduced, then restarted the game and took SkyThrusters into the upper atmosphere and slowly moved him horizontally until I saw some land. The lag was slow to decrease initially, but once I was outside of that chunk, lag freed up.

I sat SkyThrusters down in a swamp, but was unable to create a command block or any block, so I restarted the game and was still unable to. So I went into settings and set the keyboard and mouse settings back to their default. In my hundred plus attempts to previously escape, I had reset some of the buttons and hadn’t reset the mouse.

I was then able to create a command block, using the exact strategy I gave in the YouTube video about how to terminate a grieving mob spawning event, or a rogue repeating block mob spawn event. It wasn’t as straight forward as I hoped and experienced in the test world, but wasn’t a problem.

I ended up creating multiple end-terminating repeating blocks with redstone required, as I approached the Atlantis build area. This killed all the entities around me where I was, until I reached a new lag location. The original code to terminate entities I showed within the YouTube video, didn’t actually work. I had to use the basic code: /Kill @e which is shorter but worked. I made about five of these entity killing repeating blocks from where I initially landed after escape, up until the Atlantis build area.

It was working perfect, just like in the video. I set the repeating kill tick to a single tick, and could see from the glass ceiling that the repeating mob spawns were self-terminating instantly.

That greatly reduced the lag, I broke the glass on the ceiling, dropped to the floor and destroyed that rogue obnoxious mob spawning block.

I decided to also destroy all of the iron-golem mob creating blocks. I had thought about leaving a repeating kill block in Atlantis instead, but I wasn’t sure of how many chunks the kill command was impacting within the Fantasy Realm, so I just removed everything.

I also had to revisit all the places I created the kill blocks to remove them. I accidently left one outside of Atlantis, so mobs were still dying in the dome. It was the only kill block that I hadn’t written down the location coordinates for, so it took quite a while searching under the ocean to locate it and destroy it.

Because I’ll probably be working on SkyThruster Development Projects going forward, I went into all the locations around the Fantasy Realm where I had installed controlled mob spawns using repeating blocks and removed them. The few repeating blocks I left active which controlled non-mob events, I left sign notes for Daniel Turner, in locations only Daniel Turner can get to, indicating where the actual blocks are hidden. That way if he ever wants to turn them off or modify the games, he’ll be able to find the signs giving the coordinates with very little effort.

I haven’t decided if I will continue working on Atlantis, or simply leave it to someone else who helps work on the realm after me to continue. After three weeks of initial failed attempts to escape Atlantis, I started a new SkyThrusters project, so that takes priority. I already build to full games in the realm, helped develop Spooky Ville and build Skyland. Atlantis when I started it was mainly just delaying moving on to the Washington Has Fallen beta testing. I was bored and thought, hey, making an Atlantis area would be interesting. I was only intending to develop the actual area, and let others develop it.

Atlantis is probably about 75% done. Mainly it needs a ton of glass removed and then some design work. A new mod pack, changed the look of Atlantis quite a bit, not really for the better, since the original block selections were for an Atlantis look. The new blue blocks are a navy looking brick. The replacement floor blocks isn’t to bad, just looks different with its heavy dark lines. the new light cube mod looks a bit dull. Probably the blue blocks are the ugliest of the new mob. When I eventually get time to pick back up working on this (assuming I do), I’ll have to swap those blue blocks out for something that doesn’t look like the tile of a men’s restroom in a gas station in Lake Isabella.

Completed Fantasy Realm Projects

* Spooky Ville Sign – a larger sign spelling out Spooky Ville along the train path before reaching the Spooky Ville Train Terminal. Lightning Strikes hit the sign randomly and frequently. – COMPLETED

* SKYVILLE – Skyville is a theme area of the Fantasy Realm where players can free build. Skyville as its name implies, resides high in the sky at cloud level, so clouds roll in and create a foot level layer of fog across the landscape. Skyville is built over the over at the edge of a ground level village. The ground of Skyville is a single layer of glass on which houses, buildings, farms, ponds, can be built. An initial village was created as an example. in which Snow Golems and Iron Golems occasionally spawn to fight off the bad mobs. – COMPLETED

* STRANGER THINGS – Two mini-games in Spooky Ville.
DEAD DROP, is a small mausoleum that levitates the player high above the clouds when an attempt is made to open the door, and then drops the player onto a bouncy that sends them ping-ponging up and down. – COMPLETED
WALLS OF ILLUSION, is a walk through maze in which all of the walls are invisible. The player appears to be walking around outside on the grass, up stairs the end in nothingness, and even a walk across a lava pit. – COMPLETED

* Catacombs of Sadness – an mini adventure in Spooky Ville, set within underground catacombs where a specific sequence of choices lead to entertaining events, mob battles, learning to fly, and ultimately, a massive mob on player Boss Challenge. – COMPLETED

* Escape From Hell – a mini adventure in Spooky Ville, set within Hades. A maze like mini-game through flames and fire and combative mobs – COMPLETED

* Spooky Ville Train Terminal – a Minecraft Terminal that connects Spooky Ville to the North Pole. The Train Terminal can only be exited via an arrow shot at a target, which in turn releases zombies into an outer area hallway that must also be exited via a target. Lightning Strikes hit the train station randomly every few minutes. – COMPLETED