Escape From Hell – Minecraft

How to Escape From HELL in Daniel Turner’s Fantasy Realm in Minecraft Bedrock.

HELL was designed and created by SkyThrusters for the Fantasy Realm, a realm featuring multiple lands with different themes being developed by Daniel Turner. During 2021, when I haven’t felt like working on beta test clean up for the upcoming adventure, Washington Has Fallen, I’ve taken some time to build on Daniel Turner’s Fantasy Realm. My focus has been on developing the Halloween Town on the Realm. Originally, I created a train cart terminal that connected the main area of the realm to the Halloween Land. My most recent project “Escape From Hell” is an idea taken from the Washington Has Fallen adventure, in which players in some scenario’s have to battle their way out of Hades if they make the wrong decision. In the case of the Fantasy Realm, I created a new and very different version of HELL, specifically for his realm. with an entirely different kind of game play. In retrospect, I wish I had built it for Washington Has Fallen, because the version of Hell I developed for the Fantasy Realm is 100% more fun. This is the unedited game play video as I battle my way through Hades in hopes to escape. Mainly, its a video to show how to win and escape from Hell, because you can’t leave until you win.

Viewing the video will provide tips to things you can do, and you can’t do. You’ll also see what it takes to win. I lose a few times before winning, and since I created it, I know where all the twists and turns are, as well as the timing of different events triggered in this mini-Halloween Adventure. Have fun watching me die in Minecraft, how this Mine Craft adventure resets itself, etc. You literally have to beat it to escape from Hell, of you’ll be there forever. (​ No Grieving)

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